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Designer Bra Straps provide the perfect solution for every woman!

Find the best quality, variety and prices here at Exposed Envy, the most beautiful bra accessories!


  • Decorative straps for bras (simply attach to any strapless bra or convertible bra) are the best thing to happen to women's fashion and Exposed Envy is your source! Bra straps are popping up (and out) everywhere! However, allowing a plain bra strap or clear bra straps to show can be unnatractive and even tacky. Exposed Envy bra straps and bra accessories are perfect, bra straps are no longer a fashion fumble....quite the contrary.
  • Rhinestone bra straps, beaded bra straps, colored bra straps...evening dresses,wedding dresses, prom dresses, tank tops, and everyday wear.
  • Gold, Silver and Gun Metal straps are perfect for any outfit!....no more clear bra straps!
  • Attach to any strapless bra and convertible bra, or convert your favorite bra with simple needle and thread. 
  • Replacment bra straps for old worn out straps, removable bra straps make it easy to change your look.
  • Very best quality and variety with each pair of fully adjustable bra straps.
  • Best prices and value with all our bra accessories. All are adjustable bra straps.
  • Bra straps are an essential for every woman, so have fun with them!
  • Every woman has style, be sure yours is one to be envied!

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