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Bra Straps by Exposed Envy

Exposed Envy is dedicated to providing women with clever and creative ways to look and feel beautiful! For as long as I can remember I’ve been struggling with bra straps. For years we wore strapless bras, which are miserable since they constantly slip down and offer little shape even if they do manage to hold in place (which they never do). Then came the tops with the shelf bra. Though a very helpful improvement, unfortunately they too offer little lift, enhancement or shape.

Then finally the Fashion Gods made it acceptable to let bra straps show (I heard somewhere it’s now OK to wear white all year also, I guess that was them too.) Though we are all grateful for the surrender of the strapless bra, the key now is to have attractive straps! That’s when Exposed Envy started researching the market.

We now have an extraordinary line of glamorous rhinestone bra straps, beaded bra straps, fun sassy straps, and casual every day bra straps! We offer the ultimate line of bra accessories and are dedicated to quality and style. Our suppliers have been carefully chosen, quality has been tested and improved, and design has been thoughtfully selected and executed. As a result, we have the highest quality as well as both chic and versatile designs available. We even took it a step further and manufactured a line of coordinating bracelets so woman can really make a statement! Again, please check back with us regularly as our product line is always expanding! Additionally, please sign up for our email newsletter so you will be aware of beautiful new products and promotions.

As you grow in your fashion confidence and we grow in our customer base, Exposed Envy will continue to expand the ideas and array of runway fashion solutions. We thank you for your time and consideration, your business , and most of all we are grateful for your fashion awareness and commitment to feeling and being beautiful!

Commitment to charity
It’s true, 5% of all our orders over $50 go to charity. It’s so important to give back and so we have placed our personal commitment in our business model as to ensure both ourselves and our customers, our word is behind our promise. Please tell your family and friends about our web store and help us grow, so we may also grow in our generosity.

About the owner
Kelly Carroll is a fashion-conscious single mother based in St. Louis, Missouri. It’s her commitment to God, family, community, herself and fellow females which have both inspired and driven her to create Exposed Envy.

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