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Exposed Envy Free Gift

We can't thank you enough for your business!


Yes, all our customers spending $75.00 or more receive a free gift from Exposed Envy! It could be a beautiful set of bra straps, an Exposed Envy bracelet, or sometimes both! We want each customer to know how important you are to us and wish to reward you, so this is our personal way of saying thank you! Without you, Exposed Envy wouldn't be able to serve you, our customers and the community in the manner we work so hard for every day.

And don't forget, at this level each order also receives free shipping and 5% goes to support charity. We encourage you to visit our charity page and learn more about the cause your donation will support. This is so important and your generosity is so greatly appreciated, we simply can't thank you enough!

all orders over $50 receive FREE shipping in the US
($5 Canada/$20 Internationally)


receive a FREE gift with all orders over $75
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of all orders over $50 go to support the Pujols Foundation..
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