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Home Parties

Home Party Hostess (individual hostess)

  • Hostess receives a thirty percent credit to spend on the Exposed Envy website. Example: A $500 party rewards the hostess with $150 to spend on the website. There is a $150 minimum in party sales to receive credit.

Consultant/Party Rep (individual authorized EE



STARTER KIT: $125.00 includes:

  • 2 straps best selling sets from each strap category, as well as bracelets (rhinestone, beaded, fabric sparkle, gem, metal, and bracelets).  
  • 2 spiral bound catalogs (not intended to give away)
  • 500 customized business cards with personal information and promotional code
    • ADDITIONAL REP SAMPLES: Reps may purchase additional samples at 50% off retail price, not to exceed $500 retail value.
    • DOWN LINE: Each EE rep receives 5% of sales generated from any rep signing up directly with them. We currently only offer one level commissions. 


A unique page with a personal URL can be purchased for $20 per year. Orders placed from your URL are tracked and a 40% commission is paid to you! You may edit your page with personal party pics and your favorite straps!


Kit orders are placed over the phone please.

  • Affiliate information
  • Exposed Envy is happy to offer a commission to individuals wishing to send business directly to the website. Whether you’re a rep or just wanting to spread the word, contact us for more information.
  • Women are social and enjoy sharing great ideas and products with friends, family and sometimes customers. Hair stylists, personal stylists and others in the beauty industry are always talking about the latest styles and trends they love. This program is a great way to share something you enjoy and also generate income.
  • For $70 you may order 500  beautifully designed business cards as well as a personal landing page. When you distribute your cards, customers will enter the EE website through your page, tracking those orders back to you so you will get credit. To be sure they keep your card, we also add a personal promo code to them which saves customers 5% on their purchase. Exposed Envy will then pay you 30% on those sales generated from your efforts. 
  • You can pass your business cards along everywhere you go. If you are a party rep, a great place is your parties! Don’t pass them out before all orders are placed at a party. This could hurt your sales!

Please call Kelly @ 314.322.5359 for any additional questions. This program is designed with you in mind, we are here to help you in any way we can!

Buy your business cards and landing page today!

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