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So many fun and creative ways to wear bra straps by EXPOSED ENVY! Many stylish fashions leave women with a bra strap dilemma, so we've created a fun and exciting line of straps for bras for every look. You no longer need to worry about hiding your bra straps or struggle with a strapless bra ever again. Instead, you can now enhance your outfit and have fun with them! All our adjustable bra straps attach to your favorite convertible bra or strapless bra. These will certainly be your favorite bra accessories! Your friends will want to know how you found such a beautiful solution... your fashion and style is sure to be envied!


 Do I need a strapless bra to wear my bra straps? You will need a strapless bra that has fabric loops, they all come with this now. I can't remember the last time I bought a strapless bra that didn't have loops on the inside. Naturally, convertible bras always have loops and many in numerous positions. Though you can find these bras anywhere, be sure to find one that fits and is right for you! Once you have the right bra, just slide the metal hook into the loops, adjust your Exposed Envy bra strap and enjoy your new fashion statement! It's also very simple to take an existing bra you know is comfortable and fits you well, and modify it so it accepts removable straps. Simply snip the strap where about an inch or so from where it meets the cup of the bra. Then with a needle and thread, fold it around and sew together to make a loop for the hook of your new bra straps. This takes no more than a couple minutes and you now have a bra you can attach your designer bra straps to.

How Do I Adjust My Bra Straps? The rhinestone and beaded line each have a chain on one end of the strap. Simply use the small eye hook to attach to the link of the chain which achieves the length you desire. All the other lines have sliders which adjust like traditional bra straps.

How to attach Exposed Envy straps for bras to my dress/top or non-convertable bra? It's easy to take any strapless garment and attach bra straps. You will need bra strapping material which can be found at any fabric store. Simply sew small loops of fabric on each side to both the front and back of the dress. I take my my dresses and tops to my seamstress, she sews small fabric loops into the garment for a very reasonable fee. If you want to take your favorite bra and convert it, the same method applies. Just cut the straps from the front and back 1-2 inches from the cup. Fold the fabric over to make a loop and sew together. Many bras have small ring attachments where the straps attach to the cups. If you cut the rings, the fabric hoops are there and ready to attach to your new Exposed Envy bra accessories.

Washing and Care? All the straps should be hand washed in mild soap. Be sure to dry the metal, rhinestone and beaded straps gently and completely. The fabric bra straps should also be washed by hand, allow them to air dry. Do not put them in the washer or dryer, they are delicate. Additionally, I've found the washer and dryer in my home eats them every time! They're worse than socks when it comes to this!

Other questions? Please forward all your questions and inquiries to Kellycarey1004@yahoo.com, or call us at 314-322-5359. We will be happy to assist you in any way we can. Our mailing address is 618 Martin Pointe Ct, Wildwood, MO 63011.



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